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    Partners across Europe with a wide range of expertise in multiple field.

    Hands-On! International Association of Children in Museums was founded in 1996 as the European advocate and umbrella organization for children and youth-dedicated museums and programs. Currently has about 120 member institutions. As organizers of the only European children and youth-focused museum conference (biennial), award (annually), online trainings, reports and newsletters, it reaches museum professionals in over 50 countries. It is internationally recognized (by ICOM, American Association of Children’s Museums, Network of European Museum Organizations, and all leading field experts) as the only European organization dedicated to children and youth in museums.

    Alchemilla Società cooperativa sociale. ASC is an innovative start-up which collaborates with the Catholic University of Milano from before its foundation. ASC cultivates communities’ relations through digital and artistic experience and creates opportunities so that youth can play its advocacy in our days’ societies. ASC is an expert in digital training and workshops, performing and visual arts: with these disciplines and methodologies people and groups discover what they are and imagine what they can become. ASC empowers children to create the future.

    CARDET is one of the leading research and training centers in the eastern Mediterranean region with global expertise in project design and implementation, project management, training and e-learning. CARDET has completed numerous projects relating to the development of adult and vocational training initiatives in the areas of social work, innovation and entrepreneurship. Members of its team and board represent European and International Higher education institutions, training centers and international organizations, and have in-depth knowledge of the adult training sector and financial literacy area while CARDET focuses in the promotion of social justice and social progress. CARDET brings together an international team of experts with decades of global expertise in adult training, capacity building, curriculum development, social entrepreneurship, vocational training, design thinking, innovation, education research, evaluation, and human resource development

    Hellenic Children’s Museum (HCM): The Hellenic Children’s Museum is a non-profit organisation of public welfare, established in 1987, with the goal to familiarise children with museums, art, and the cultural and heritage of Greece. Its purpose is to help children develop all aspects of their personality in order to become citizens who respect their own individuality and to obtain a social conscience. HCM’s mission is to encourage every child to discover, to understand, to learn, to enjoy and to shape the world in which they live with respect for individuality and an emphasis on teamwork.

    KMOP is a non-profit organisation based in Athens, Greece. KMOP with more than 40 years of experience in sustainable development, social growth, human rights protection, adult education, social inclusion and policy research, brings to the partnership significant managerial and technical capacity that will contribute to the successful implementation of the project.

    Costas & Rita Severis Foundation is a non-profit, non-governmental organisation committed to promoting the culture and history of Cyprus both locally and abroad as well as providing a platform for peacebuilding and reconciliation amongst all people of Cyprus and between Cyprus and its neighbours. Formed in 1999, the Foundation, through the Centre of Visual Arts and Research (CVAR) museum, has been active in promoting scholarship, using its collections as a tool for education in the fields of history, culture and the arts, as well as for promoting active citizenship and cross-cultural understanding and cooperation

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